Equipe Suiiss 2020 Yukon Arctic Ulta

Swiss Team Out’Cha on the 2020 Yukon Arctic Ultra

The Swiss athletes Hervé, Victor and Patrick will cross the starting line to attack the 500 km Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra on January 30th…

The Swiss Romands Hervé Acosta, Victor Hugo Docarmo and Patrick Sumi arrived in Whitehorse (Canada) a little over a week before the start to take the compulsory survival course before the start of the race.

On the 30th January at 10:30 am (= 7:30 pm Swiss time), the 22 participants of the “300 Mile race” will start by pulling their pulka along the Yukon River. They will face temperatures between -20 and -40 degrees to reach the finish line in 7 days.

For the 3 friends, this extraordinary challenge aims to raise the CHF 10’000.- necessary to finance 2 sports weekends in the mountains offered to a hundred children living in Switzerland whose families have little means . This sum will be given to Freude Herrscht (= C’est Formidable!), A foundation created by Caroline and Adolf Ogi, who will be the organizer of these 2 weekends.



Site Official: https://arcticultra.de/

LIVE TRACKING: https://arcticultra.de/live-tracking-2020/

Swiss team equip Yukon Arctic Ultra 2020